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How do you solve a problem like Tottenham Hotspur?

Miserable, abject, devoid of ideas. It was a performance we have seen one too many times this season. A 3-1 defeat to a struggling Sheffield Utd side has all but ended any faint hopes of Tottenham qualifying for next year’s Champions League.

Yes, Spurs will feel hard done by with the harsh VAR decision to rule out their immediate equaliser, but it was the lack of fight and desire which was the most troubling. Considering there was so much at stake for Spurs, this flat performance is a bitter pill to swallow.

Unlike some of their richer top 4 rivals - the Spurs business model is heavily reliant on Champions League football. The lack of it, will leave a big dent in the finances.

With a billion pound stadium lying empty, and Daniel Levy admitting that a recent £175 million pound loan will not be used to strengthen the playing squad, Spurs face a more challenging summer than most.

The ‘painful rebuild’ that Mauricio Pochettino said needed to happen is still very much required. Centre back, left back, right back, centre midfield and back up striker are all needed. With limited funds available it is hard to see what Spurs can do to try and fill these gaps.

Reports have already circulated that Spurs will need to sell in order to buy. In a transfer market that is due to be uncertain - shifting any deadwood will be difficult in order to raise the necessary funds.

What makes matters worse, is that Spurs’ top 4 rivals will most likely spend. Already a mile behind Liverpool and Man City, Chelsea, Wolves and Leicester are all currently much better sides than Spurs. Add to the mix Arsenal and Everton and there is no guarantee that things will automatically get better.

Despite Mourinho publically stating that he has the squad he needs - both he and Levy must realise that this current squad is miles off the top 4 and a summer without significant investment will surely leave Spurs facing an uphill task to get back into the party.

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